PE support

Download the PE Distributor Program Users Manual in PDF format.

What are the various ways my customers can make calls?

How do I give someone a prepaid calling card PIN code?

How does a customer here in Africa pay for service?

Can I sell a call shop to a customer?

Managing customers from mobile phone

Defining services for your customers

How many SME/PE account required to configure IP PBX?

How can I block Credit Card payments from certain countries?


Difference between price list and rate plan

How price list works?

How can I obtain rates list in my own format?

How can I obtain rates list from my script written in PHP, Perl, Java etc.?

Personal Numbers

Reselling Personal numbers. Configuring personal numbers auto assignment

Sub account bought a personal number. What next?

How to assign personal numbers to my sub-acount?

Why can't I reassign any of my personal numbers to a sub-account?

How can I move a personal number assigned to my account to one of my sub-accounts?

PE sub-account cannot forward calls to his personal number

How does my customer renew his personal number?

Sub account trying to verify his personal numbers and it doesn't work

Payment gateways

Paypal settings

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