The PE "Light" admin center is optimized for access from mobile devices.

When you login to the "Light" admin center it allows you to manage and add customers when you are out in the field and away from an internet connection. For example, you are at a cafe and meet some people who would like VOIP accounts without waiting. Using our "light" admin center allows you to create new accounts immediately. Your new customers give you cash and you create their accounts on the spot. No waiting till you get back to the office to login and create accounts hours later.

All you need is a mobile internet connection, a PE account and you are in business.

You should save this link in your mobile phone browser as a bookmark. Then click on it anytime you want to login to your light admin center.

The link to get to the light admin center is

Available functions:

 add a user 
 manage users 
 debit/credit user