Reselling personal numbers

As a PE you can re-sell personal numbers.

You can activate this feature at:

 PE->"manage shop"->"shop general settings" page 

On this page you can also configure possibility to auto allocate purchased numbers.

 Automatically allocate purchased numbers from inventory: Checked
 Automatically buy numbers upon sale if not in my inventory: Checked 

It'll automatically allocate and assign numbers when user purchase them.

Also on this page you may set required level of profit for numbers which you resell.

If you want to do more accurate price assignment you can do it it from:

 PE->"manage shop"->"personal phone number pricing" page. 

If you didn't use auto-allocate and auto-purchase options then numbers purchased by your sub accounts should be assigned manually. In this case workflow is the following:

 - customer purchase number from you
 - you purchase number from Diamondcard
 - you manually assign him allocated number