Q: I'm starting to use Asterisk LCR. Can you provide me a rates list in the correct format to use with LCR?

Something like:

 262,Reunion Island,Ykoz,EUR,0.035,0,1,1
 262692,Reunion Island Mobile,Ykoz,EUR,0.15,0,1,1 

A: In you admin center using "add a price" link you can create a dynamic price list based on WS price with 0% increase. This will create a price list with rates on which you pay to Diamondcard. Later on you'll export this price list.

On "manage price lists" page we provide possibility to export price list in two formats:

1. One country per line (multiple area codes in one line). Thats most suitable for printing.

2. One area code per line. You can use this one for your needs. Rows looks like:

 DestName	AreaCode	RuleName	DefaultCost
 Afghanistan	93		WE		0.39
 Afghanistan	93		WD		0.39 

We have two rows for the same code course its spitted on WE - week ends, WD - working days. If you sort these data in any spreadsheet application by RuleName you can remove WE records. With other basic adjustment you can transform these data to Asterisk LCR format.