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LinkSys 1.16 by root- (Sat Aug 19 21:20:52 2017)

Linksys (SIPURA) SPA-2002, SPA-1001, PAP2T Configuration Instructions SPA-2002 (or PAP2T) is an

CallerID 1.6 by root- (Wed Mar 27 16:16:32 2013)

Setting Caller ID You can set your caller ID in the admin center. Login to your account, then

IPhone 1.2 by root- (Mon Jan 24 20:38:08 2011)

VoIP at iPhone and iPhone Please check Google or AppStore for recent SIP softphones for iPhone.

NokiaE52 1.6 by root- (Fri Mar 23 10:49:43 2012)

1. Download and install SIP Voip Settings Tool This application adds missing VoIP functionality to

RoutersVoip 1.4 by root- (Tue May 12 20:50:13 2009)

ADSL modems, routers setup to work with VOIP In most cases there are no special configuration

LinPhone 1.10 by root- (Mon Jan 24 20:38:28 2011)

Linphone Configuration Official Linphone website Linphone is available for PCs (linux, windows),

GeneralQuestions 1.43 by root- (Tue May 20 12:49:51 2014)

General questions about Diamondcard Consumer Products Dialing Rules I cannot make calls - BLOCKED

Jitsi 1.5 by root- (Wed Nov 26 03:11:23 2014)

Jitsi SIP Communicator Official Jitsi web site. Jitsi Configuration SIP id:

VoipProto 1.8 by root- (Wed Feb 4 12:19:22 2009)

SIP / IAX / H323 Configuration Asterisk and IAX2 devices SIP devices H323 devices ADSL modems,

AcrobitsSoftphone 1.3 by root- (Tue Mar 16 12:57:32 2010)

Acrobits Softphone for iPhone Acrobits Web Page: http://www.acrobits.cz/ Create account using

EkigaPhone 1.43 by root- (Mon Jun 21 11:26:06 2010)

Ekiga Main Ekiga web site. Initial configuration. Ekiga version 3.x.x 1. Open "Edit"->"Accounts"

GenSip 1.6 by root- (Mon Jun 21 09:39:17 2010)

Generic SIP settings Use these settings if you didn't find specific instructions for your SIP

QoS 1.3 by root- (Wed Jun 9 09:42:28 2010)

QoS for VOIP Marking VOIP packets with DSCP allows you to implement a QoS policy on your network.

TakiPhone 1.4 by root- (Fri Aug 17 10:24:31 2012)

Taki icon.png Taki web site. Initial configuration. 1. Start Taki phone and open "Settings" tab.

Zoiper 1.1 by wiki (Mon Jan 28 13:30:40 2013)

Zoiper Zoiper web site. Initial configuration. 1. Open Zoiper and press the 'Config' button 2.

Asterisk 1.5 by root- (Tue Jan 19 15:03:01 2010)

Asterisk Asterisk home page Diamondcard instructions Configuring Asterisk SIP channel Configuring

TwinkleUbuntu 1.4 by root- (Thu Jul 23 07:35:19 2009)

Notes how to Upgrade Twinkle from v 1.2 to v 1.4 This instructions provided by courtesy of Arash.

Trixbox 1.5 by root- (Mon Oct 24 20:34:39 2011)

Trixbox instructions Official Trixbox site. Login to Trixbox Web admin center and switch to "Admin

SjPhone 1.6 by root- (Mon Jan 24 20:38:39 2011)

SJPHONE Softphone Setup Instructions. 1. Open Options menu. 2. Open "Profiles" tab. 3. Create new

MacSoftphone 1.3 by root- (Mon Jan 24 20:51:28 2011)

Q: What softphone can I use on Mac under OSX? A: Here are some choices http://www.linphone.org/

DlinkDVG2001S 1.3 by root- (Tue May 12 20:52:55 2009)

D-Link DVG-2001S ATA Configuration Instructions. Thanks to our customer Ryan for providing these

NokiaN900 1.2 by root- (Thu Dec 3 08:38:01 2009)

Configuring Nokia Internet Tablet N810, N900 1. Create account Open: Address book -> Personal info

TwinklePhone 1.16 by root- (Sat Apr 18 10:14:28 2020)

Twinkle SIP softphone Twinkle Configuration (current version. Starting from 1.4.2) When you start

Xlite 1.8 by root- (Mon Jan 28 12:55:04 2013)

X-Lite phone setup instructions Version 3.0 Configuring account. 1. Open SIP accounts dialog.

Sipdroid 1.2 by root- (Mon Jan 28 12:54:54 2013)

Sipdroid Sipdroid web site. Initial configuration. 1. Open Sipdroid and press the menu button of

NokiaE70 1.18 by root- (Wed Mar 21 10:10:51 2012)

Configuring Nokia E60, E61, E70, E71, E90, N80, N95. Note: This information is not fully

AsteriskSip 1.11 by root- (Sat May 14 23:58:09 2016)

Asterisk Instructions for SIP Your Asterisk server may be configured to connect to Diamondcard.us

CSipSimple 1.2 by root- (Fri Jan 25 15:47:58 2013)

CSipSimple CSipSimple web site. Initial configuration. 1. Start CSipSimple phone and open

Yealink 1.4 by root- (Thu May 15 13:20:33 2014)

Yealink Yealink web site. Initial configuration. 1. Press the OK key when the phone is idle to get

PersNumbersConfig 1.22 by root- (Fri May 4 15:38:09 2012)

VOIP devices configuration for using personal numbers There are two ways how you can use your VOIP

SipProtocol 1.32 by root- (Thu May 15 13:08:36 2014)

SIP Protocols Generic SIP settings Acrobits SIP VoIP phone for iPhone Asterisk using SIP D-Link

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