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Linphone is available for PCs (linux, windows), MacOSX and for mobile phones: Android, iPhone. Except Linux version our customer reporting successfull usage of Linphone on Android phone (Adroid version 1.6).

Version 1.0.1.

 Select menu: Go->Preferences. 
 Network tab.
	NAT traversal options should be enabled if you are behind the NAT.
	Firewall external IP should be specified. 
 SIP tab.
	Identity. Your sip address. Use your Account Id here. 
 Proxy to use: None. 

Save your preferences.

Now you can dial regular phone numbers. E.g. for dialing USA number +18001002000 at main panel of the phone in "sip address" area you should enter the phone like:

On first call attempt you'll get "Authentication request" dialog.

 Authentication required for realm ""
 Realm: 	""
 Username:	enter your Account Id here.
 Password:	enter your PIN code here. 

After that linphone will memorize you authentication data and wont prompt you on each call.

Version 1.3.0

 Menu: Go->Preferences 
 SIP tab
        Add proxy/registar button 
        Send registration [x]
        SIP Identity:      instead of 123 use your AccountId
        SIP proxy:

After pression OK you should get a popup window:

 realm: ""
 username: 10557
 password: put you PIN code here
 userid: leave empty.

Now you can dial numbers like:  
 441 - is a free echo test number. 
 for US TF number 

Version 3.3.2

1. Open "Linphone" menu and choose "Preferences"

2. Switch to "Manage SIP Accounts" tab.

 Your display name: Enter your name here.
 Your username: Your_Account_Id 
 Proxy accounts. Press: "Add" 
 Your SIP identity:
 SIP Proxy address: 
 Save proxy with "Ok". 

On popup box specify PIN code in password field:

 userID Your_Account_ID
 Password: Your_PIN_code 

Now you should be able to make calls. E.g. 441 for free echo test.

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