Twinkle SIP softphone

Twinkle Configuration (current version. Starting from 1.4.2)

When you start Twinkle for the first time you'll see a configuration dialog window. Choose "Diamondcard" button and specify your Diamondcard Account ID# and PIN code. If you do not have a Diamondcard account please use signup link in this dialog window.

If you were using Twinkle before and upgraded to a new version, please use Diamondcard menu to specify your Account ID# and PIN code.

Twinkle Configuration (versions before 1.4.2)

1. Create new user profile.

Open menu "File"->"Change user" and press "New" button.

Specify profile name, e.g. Diamondcard.

User profile settings:

Save new profile and click check-box for new profile. It will display in profile list on the front panel of the phone.

2. Make your user profile available after startup

Menu "Edit"->"System settings" click check box for new Diamondcard profile.

Verifying connection

To verify your internet connection and Twinkle setup you can dial our Echo test number: 441. Check your Account balance by dialing 440.

This test tells you if your internet connection will give you good call quality. If the test is not sounding good then your calls will not sound good.

Make sure you have the Diamondcard user profile selected on the front panel of the phone when making a call. User: Diamondcard

Dialing rules

Dial phone numbers you wish to call in international format: country code + area code + number.
E.g. 18002001000 for USA +1-800-200-1000 number. No international prefix like 011 or 001 is necessary.

Make sure you have the Diamondcard user profile selected on the front panel of the phone when making a call. User: Diamondcard

Sending SMS Messages

Click "Instant message" on the tool bar or choose it from the menu

User profile: Diamondcard

To: phone number in international format. E.g. 442071234567 to send an SMS message to a UK number.

SMS message will be sent from the phone number specified in the caller ID section of your admin center. Login at Go to TELEPHONY section, then click options - caller id. Make sure you set it to your cell (mobile) phone number if you expect to receive SMS responses back to you. Number should be specified in international format as explained above.

Rates and details about sending SMS's are available in your Diamondcard admin center by clicking on CALL RATES link which is the first link in the TELEPHONY section.

Receiving calls

To receive calls from regular phones with Twinkle you need to buy a personal number/DID and configure its forwarding.

To purchase a DID, login to your admin center and click "online shopping" link. You can buy local and toll free numbers from many countries.

In your admin center the "personal #'s" page allows you to configure your purchased DID's. To receive calls with Twinkle, DID should be forwarded to "Your IP phone" choice in the forwarding profile. Using "Default" redirect profile will also do it.

Twinkle phone should be configured to use Diamondcard.

Caller ID

With Diamondcard you can specify a phone number for your caller ID. You enter this data in the "Your name" field. Choose: Edit -> User Profile ->User and fill "Your name" field with your phone number.

E.g.: "Your name": John Smith 130312345678

130312345678 - will be used as a CallerId. You can find more details about configuring Caller ID here

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