Sipdroid web site.

Initial configuration.

1. Open Sipdroid and press the menu button of your phone.

2. Choose "Settings".

3. Click on "SIP Account (Line 1)"

4. Use the following settings:

 Authorization Username: Your AccountId
 Password: Your PIN code
 Server or Proxy: 

Common configuration notes

The PIN code is a 12 digit number. Your Account ID and PIN code is located in the upper right hand area of the main page after you login to your Diamondcard administration center. To login to the admin center you need to use your username and password you chose during signup.

Verifying connection

To verify your internet connection and Sipdroid setup you can dial our Echo test number 441 and check your Account balance dialing 440.

This gives you the ability to see if your internet connection will give you good call quality. If the test is not sounding too good then your calls will also not sound good.

Dialing rules

Dial phone numbers you wish to call in international format: country code + area code + number.
E.g. 18002001000 for USA +1-800-200-1000 number. No international prefix like 011 or 001 is necessary.

Receiving calls

To receive calls from regular phones with Sipdroid you need to buy a personal number/DID and configure it's forwarding.

To purchase a DID, login to your admin center and click "online shopping" link. You can buy local and toll free numbers from many countries.

In your admin center the "personal #'s" page allows you to configure your purchased DID's. To receive calls with Sipdroid, DID should be forwarded to "Your IP phone" choice in the forwarding profile. Using "Default" redirect profile will do it.

Sipdroid phone should be configured to use Diamondcard and be registered at Diamondcard servers.

Other issues

If you have any other troubles using Sipdroid with Diamondcard service please fill "bug report" form in your administration center.

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