D-Link DVG-2001S ATA Configuration Instructions.

Thanks to our customer Ryan for providing these instructions.

* Plug the ATI into your router, its power supply, and a telephone

* Unless stated otherwise, settings should be left at their defaults

* On the same network go to in your web browser

* Follow the steps in the wizard to ensure it's properly connected to the Internet

* On the same network go to in your web browser

* The username and password is admin

* Once connected you should change your password

* The first tab to configure is Server Configuration

* Server FQDN: Enabled

* Domain Name: sip2.diamondcard.us for America and Asia (or sip.diamondcard.us for other places)

* Outbound Proxy State: Enabled

* Outbound Proxy Sever FQDN: Enabled

* Outbound Proxy Domain Name: sip2.diamondcard.us or sip.diamondcard.us as above

* Service Domain: sip2.diamondcard.us or sip.diamondcard.us as above

* Codec Priority & Packet Interval: Set G.711a-law to 1st, and G.711u-law to 2nd, set the other protocols to no-use

* Click the Apply button, ignore the message about rebooting the device for now.

* The second tab to configure is User Agent

* Phone Number and Authentication Username should both be set to your Account Id from Diamondcard, which will be shown to you on the home page of your administration center.

* Password will be your PIN code from Diamondcard found on the same page as your Account ID

* Click the Apply button

* Go to then click on the Tools tab, then the Reboot tab. Then click the Reboot button.

* When the device finishes rebooting you should hear a ring from your phone, then it should work for both sending and receiving calls.

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