Linksys (SIPURA) SPA-2002, SPA-1001, PAP2T Configuration Instructions

SPA-2002 (or PAP2T) is an Analog Telephone Adapter (ATA) which allows you to make VOIP calls using regular analog phone.

1. Perform initial ATA installation and configuration as described in "Installation and Configuration Guide". ATA may be configured with DHCP or you may manually specify IP address, net mask and gateway IP. We suggest choosing DHCP first. If that does not work then you will need to choose and set a specific IP address.

By default the adapter should already be set to DHCP. All you need to do is turn it on and connect it to your network. It should set an IP address automatically if DHCP is working on your network. After you have connected an analog phone to the adapter you can pick up the phone and dial into the configuration menu by dialing ****. Then dial 110# to get the IP address of the adapter. Once you have the IP address you can then login to it from a computer that is also on the same network and configure it according to the instructions below.

2. Run web browser and open session to ATA by typing: http://ip address here/admin/basic

3. Select "System" tab and enter IP addresses for "Netmask", "Gateway" and "Primary DNS" fields.

4. Select "Line 1" tab and set:

 "Proxy"  - Enter sip proxy: or 

Use if you want to connect to our EU servers, use if you want to connect to our USA servers.

 "Register" - yes 
 "Register Expires" - 300 
 "User ID" - Your_AccountID 
 "Password" - Your_PIN_code 
 "Three Way Call Serv" - no 
 "Three Way Conf Serv" no 
 "Attn Transfer Serv" no 
 "Unattn Transfer Serv" no 
 "Preferred Codec" - G711U 
 "Silence Supp Enable" - no 

5. "Line 2" should be configured in the same way as "Line 1" but use a different "User ID" and "Password". You may create an "SME sub account" for this purpose. For a "call shop" booth use AccountId and PIN code of a booth in your call shop.

6. When you finish configuration and pick up the phone you should hear a standard dial tone. It means the adapter is successfully registered on the net and ready for making calls.

Check "Info" tabs for various information of your adapter.

To verify your internet connection and ATA setup you can dial our free Echo test number 441# and check your Account balance dialing 440#.

Now you can dial regular phone numbers. Numbers should be dialed in international format. E.g. "18002001000" for USA +1800-200-1000 number. Pressing # key at the end of the number will speed up number dialing.

Caller ID

By default you Account Id will be used as a Caller Id for all outgoing calls. You can specify other Caller Id for "Line 1" and "Line 2" in "Display Name" field.

 "Display Name" - e.g.: John 130312345678 

130312345678 - will be used as a CallerId. You can find more details about configuring Caller ID here


When your adapter configured to work behind the NAT you may experience problems with incoming calls. It happens when NAT records expired in your router and incoming calls are not able to reach your ATA.

To fix this problem login into ATA web configuration. Switch to 'Admin' mode, then switch to 'advanced' mode. For "Line 1" and "Line 2" set:

 "NAT Keep Alive Enable" yes 

Dialplan configuration

Q: How can I set this up so I do not have to dial 1 before the 10 digit phone number when calling from USA to USA?

A: Open PAP2 admin center. Admin mode. Advanced. Then on page Line1 & Line 2 find "Dial Plan".

Default string is: (*xx|[3469]11|0|00|[2-9]xxxxxx|1xxx[2-9]xxxxxxS0|xxxxxxxxxxxx.)

It should be extend to: (*xx|[3469]11|0|00|[2-9]xxxxxx|<:1>xxxxxxxxxx|1xxx[2-9]xxxxxxS0|xxxxxxxxxxxx.)

Adding: <:1>xxxxxxxxxx will add a 1 in front of dialed number in case you dial a 10 digit number. This may cause problems when dialing other non-US 10 digit numbers.

This info may be helpful too. From the PAP2 manual:

The following allows 7-digit US-style dialing and automatically inserts a 1 + 212 (local area code) in front of the dialed number. <:1212> xxxxxxx

This means you can dial 5551212 and the system will dial 12125551212. This makes it easy to dial local numbers without having to dial too many digits.

For more tricks with dialplan check PAP2 admin manual.

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