X-Lite phone setup instructions

Version 3.0

Configuring account.

1. Open SIP accounts dialog. Right click on main panel of the phone and choose "SIP Accounts Settings" from popup menu.

2. Click "Add..." or if you already have an account you may click "Properties".

3. Tab "Account".

 Display Name: Diamondcard.us.
 User name: Your AccountId
 Password: Your PIN code
 Domain: sip.diamondcard.us
 [x] Register with domain and receive incoming calls
 Send outbound via: domain. 

Press "Save" to save settings.

Older versions

System menu-> Sip Proxy.

Default Proxy configuration.

 Enabled: Yes
 Display Name: Your name
 Username: Your AcountId
 Authorization User: Your AcountId
 Password: Your PIN code
 Domain/Realm: sip.diamondcard.us
 SIP Proxy: sip.diamondcard.us
 Out Bound Proxy: empty
 Use Outbound Proxy: Never
 Send Internal IP: Default
 Register: Always
 Voicemail SIP URL: empty
 Forwarded SIP URL: empty 

Now you can dial regular phone numbers. Numbers should be dialed in international format. E.g. "18002001000" for USA +1800-200-1000 number. More information how to dial numbers available here.

Bria setup instructions

SIP accounts dialog:

 Account name: Diamondcard
 Protocol: SIP 
 User details
 UserID: Your_AcountId@sip.diamondcard.us
 Password: Your PIN code
 Display name: Your name
 Authorization Name: Your AcountId 
 Domain proxy
  [x] Register with domain and receive calls
 Send outbound via:
  (*) Domain 

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