Configuring Nokia E60, E61, E70, E71, E90, N80, N95.

Note: This information is not fully applicable to Nokia E52 smartphones, click here for E52 configuring tips.

1. Define Access point

Menu: Tools > Settings > Connection > Access points.

For further example we assume you configured access point: "MyNetwork"

2. SIP settings

Menu: Tools > Settings > Connection > Sip Settings.

 Profile name: Diamondcard
 Service Profile: IETF
 Default Access Point: MyNetwork [NOTE: you will 
                                  have to have 
                                  that defined 
                                  as an access 
 Public user name:
 Use Compression: No
 Registration: Always On
 Use Security: No 

Proxy server settings

 Proxy server address:
 User name: Your_AccountId
 Password: Your_Pin_code
 Allow loose routing: Yes
 Transport Type: UDP
 Port: 5060 

Registrar Server Settings

 Registrar serv. addr.:
 User Name: Your_AccountId
 Password: Your_Pin_code
 Transport Type: UDP
 Port: 5060 

3. Internet tel. settings

Menu: Tools > Settings > Connection > Internet tel.

Create new profile. Select SIP URI:

Name this profile "Diamondcard". Choose "Diamondcard" as Preferred profile.

4. Making calls

To place call enter desired phone number or choose contact from Address book. Press Options->Call->"Internet call" to make a call.

Other notes

On some models (e.g. N95) certain VoIP settings are hidden by default. You will need Nokia's new VoIP SIP application to adjust them.

With this application you can create new VoIP profiles and modify the existing ones, create and modify VoIP parameters and NAT/Firewall traversal settings, that are normally not visible on the device UI (e.g. codec settings and SIP domain-specific NAT/FW settings).

It's also possible to save all the VoIP profile settings to a text file. It also enables VoIP over WCDMA which means you can make VoIP call over 3G Internet connection.

You can download the latest version of SIP VOIP settings from Nokia site

For better voice quality or in order to be able to make VoIP calls over 3G internet connection you need to use Nokia SIP VoIP Application you installed.

Go to Applications on your phone and click on "SIP VoIP Settings" application. Choose VoIP services/VoIPVoIP (or the name of your VoIPVoIP account Internet profile.) Click on "Profile Settings" and find "Allow VoIP over WCDMA" option and change it to "ON". This change allows VoIP over 3G connection on Nokia phones.

For better voice quality go to Codecs and delete all codecs except G729. There should be only G729 codec left under codecs settings.

Extra support materials

More details and screenshots available at Voxilla forum

Nokia user's guide to the SIP VoIP Settings application SIP_VoIP_Settings_User_Guide_v1_0_en.pdf

Nokia application for configuring VoIP settings on the terminal UI

Nokia phones behind the firewall

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