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PersNumSimCalls 1.2 by root- (Tue May 12 20:57:05 2009)

Q: Sub account trying to verify his personal numbers and it doesn't work A: Customer trying to

pe-forwarding 1.2 by root- (Tue May 12 20:57:30 2009)

Q: Why can't my PE sub-account cannot forward calls to his personal number? A: One of your PE

ForwardingAdvancedExample 1.2 by root- (Thu Sep 30 11:05:38 2010)

Personal Number/DID Forwarding - Advanced Examples persnum1.png You can also specify a SIP or IAX

PESellPersNum 1.1 by wiki (Wed Jun 25 09:33:04 2008)

Q: Sub account bought a personal number. What next? A: Number we have on stock being assigned

Dids2Avail 1.3 by root- (Tue May 12 21:52:22 2009)

18 New DID Cities Available We have added 18 new cities to our available "Personal Numbers". If

AssignPersNum 1.1 by wiki (Wed Jun 25 09:08:38 2008)

Q: How to assign personal numbers to my sub-acount? A: You can do it from your admin center. 1. Go

DidInFwdRule 1.7 by root- (Tue Jan 19 13:15:22 2010)

Including dialed DID in forwarding rule If you forward calls to a SIP or IAX number you may

didExpires 1.2 by root- (Fri Sep 21 08:35:46 2007)

Q: What happens if my DID/Personal Phone Number expires? A: If your number expires you will not be

PeMovDid 1.6 by root- (Wed Jun 11 19:59:38 2008)

Q: How can I move a personal number assigned to my account to one of my sub-accounts? A: You can

PersNumbers 1.41 by root- (Thu Sep 30 11:34:09 2010)

Personal Numbers/DID's Click Here to Buy a DID Overview A Personal number/DID is a real phone

RenewPers 1.3 by root- (Tue May 12 20:54:23 2009)

Q: How does my customer renew his personal number? A: He needs to "login" to his account. Then

PersNumbersSup 1.18 by root- (Mon Aug 11 15:24:16 2014)

Personal Number's/DID Support Configuring SIP / IAX2 devices for using personal numbers Personal

NewUsa 1.2 by root- (Tue May 12 21:53:00 2009)

NEW - USA Personal Phone Numbers USA Personal Phone Numbers are now available. We have received an

DidsAvail 1.12 by root- (Tue May 12 21:52:04 2009)

20 New DID Cities Available We have added 20 new cities to our available "Personal Numbers". If

ReassignPers 1.3 by root- (Tue May 12 20:54:36 2009)

Q: Why can't I reassign any of my personal numbers to a sub-account? A: Because there is already a

Asterisk 1.5 by root- (Tue Jan 19 15:03:01 2010)

Asterisk Asterisk home page Diamondcard instructions Configuring Asterisk SIP channel Configuring

PersNumbersConfig 1.22 by root- (Fri May 4 15:38:09 2012)

VOIP devices configuration for using personal numbers There are two ways how you can use your VOIP

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