Personal Numbers/DID's

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A Personal number/DID is a real phone number (also known as DID - Direct Inward Dialing Number) people can call. Calls to your number can be forwarded anywhere you want at very low rates. You can set up a sophisticated routing and scheduling too.

For example, a business in Europe or Asia can provide a USA number for prospects and clients in North America to easily call without a long distance charge. The call will automatically forward to their European or Asian office at very low rates.

Our point and click system can even allow you to route your calls depending upon the time of day or day of the week. You can provide several alternative numbers to try if your primary phone is busy or you are not reachable. This is called a "follow me" service and is included with your account at no additional charge.

How do I get a DID or personal number?

Go to the online shop at and purchase one or more numbers. If you don't find the required Country/Area code you want don't hesitate to contact us. We have numbers available in many other cities and countries by request.

Personal Number's/DID Technical Support

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For more information contact us at one of the following numbers:

 +1-877-402-VOIP (+1-877-402-8647) - USA toll free
 +1-303-997-0900 - Colorado, USA
 +1-647-722-2117 - Toronto, Canada
 +33-176-641-289 - Paris, France
 +44-207-100-5767 - London, United Kingdom 

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