Personal Number/DID Forwarding - Advanced Examples


You can also specify a SIP or IAX URL to forward to. E.g.:

 Redirect to: SIP/
 Redirect to: IAX2/${EXTEN}
 Redirect to: SIP/${EXTEN} 

${EXTEN} - will be replaced with the DID number being used at the moment.

Advanced forwarding (Redirect Profiles)

You can apply more complex conditions to number forwarding using redirect profiles. E.g. you may want to forward the number from 8:00 till 17:00 to one number and after 17:00 to another number and then after hours to your voice mail box.

Personal callback (Callback to:)

Personal callback may be used when you have issues with passing your CallerID on calls to our regular CallBack number.

The system will hangup on any call to your Personal callback DID number and initiate a call back to you. The number you specified for the call back will be called and you will be prompted to dial the number you want to call . On 'personal #' page specify the phone number you want the system to call you back at when someone dials your Personal call back DID. The picklist should be set to "Callback to:".

 Callback to: 13035551212 

Voice mail and Conferencing

Personal number can be forwarded to Voice mail or the Conference room. You'll need to create redirect profile for that.

Forwarding to SIP or IAX

Number can be forwarded using SIP or IAX protocol.

You may specify SIP or IAX url which should contain authentication information and host name. If your device supports registration you can configure it to register with our server and set forwarding to "Your IP phone".

More details and configuration examples available at VOIP devices configuration for using personal numbers page. Here is Ekiga specific example.

More questions

More information about personal numbers usages available at personal numbers support page.

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