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CallingCardSup 1.7 by root- (Tue May 12 20:58:56 2009)

Calling Card Questions Canadian mobile phone CallerID not recognized when calling USA TF access

PlayCallDurNotEnoughBalance 1.6 by root- (Tue May 12 20:59:21 2009)

Why does IVR say there is only XX minutes for the call? Q: My account ID is 123456 and the balance

PrepaidCallingCards 1.39 by root- (Tue May 12 20:39:09 2009)

Prepaid Calling Card Platform (PCCP) The Prepaid Calling Card Platform is for people that want to

CallBackCallingCards 1.10 by root- (Tue May 12 20:40:43 2009)

Call-back Calling Cards Platform This new system allows calling card resellers to sell cards in

CanMobileUSTF 1.3 by root- (Tue May 12 20:59:40 2009)

Q: When calling the TF access number it keeps asking me for my PIN code. But I have already added

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