Reselling Diamondcard service

Listed below are various options to earn money in the VOIP business.

Become a Diamondcard distributor
Refer friends and family and earn a 10% commission. This is the easy way to start. Takes a minute to sign-up and start earning money the easy way.

Become a PE
If you're serious about becoming a VOIP service provider, a PE (Private Enterprise) is the way to go. With a PE you can create accounts when you need them, take money from your clients, set pricing can call rates, debit/credit client accounts and much more. A PE enables you to make more money than a Diamondcard distributor that earns 10% referral fees.

Prepaid Calling Card Platform
Become a prepaid calling card provider. Fast, easy and no software to install. This option is for people that want to sell thousands of prepaid calling cards every month. We provide the entire software platform for you to get started without any hassle.

VOIP Private Label
The Private Label is the Rolls Royce of VOIP systems. You get the complete Diamondcard platform as a private label with your personal branding and domain name. This is the PE with the addition of a private labeled web site your clients can use to purchase your services, recharges their accounts, login to see their payment and call history, send SMS's or text messages and a whole lot more.


A Diamondcard distributor is the easy way to earn money by referring people to our site through a special link. 10% commissions on all sales paid bi-monthly.

A PE is the way to go if you want to devote more time into creating a business reselling some or all of Diamondcard's VOIP services. You can set your own per minute rates and mark up other services like Personal Numbers (DIDS), Hosted PBX service, SMS service, call shops and much more.

The Prepaid Calling Card Platform is for management and creating pin codes for large quantities of prepaid calling cards.

The Private Label is the entire product line of Diamondcard. If you want it all, this is it.

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