You can earn generous commissions with Diamondcard. Residual commissions through direct Diamondcard sales. Or earn good commissions through sales of "your distributors" that sign up as reps underneath you.

Residual commissions mean that you receive commissions on all revenue from accounts you personally sign up as well as accounts that your reps underneath you sign up. This is the POWER of making money by signing up other people who can also sell communication services. You are only one person. But with the help of a few dozen other people you can have the power of thousands! Don't just work hard, work SMART! As time goes on your residual commissions will get bigger and bigger.

A Diamondcard distributor is the simplest way to earn commissions on referring people to our service. You earn a 10% commission on all signups and recharges.

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You can sell VOIP service and also resell DIDs in many countries.

Your replicated site will look like this URL: The reason for the ? in front of the sitename is to cookie a first time surfer to the diamondcard site with you as the sponsor.

When you refer someone to our site using this special link they are cookied into our site. Thereafter, when they come back to our site even without using your special link you will always be the sponsor of new sales.