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QoS 1.3 by root- (Wed Jun 9 09:42:28 2010)

QoS for VOIP Marking VOIP packets with DSCP allows you to implement a QoS policy on your network.

Asterisk 1.5 by root- (Tue Jan 19 15:03:01 2010)

Asterisk Asterisk home page Diamondcard instructions Configuring Asterisk SIP channel Configuring

Trixbox 1.5 by root- (Mon Oct 24 20:34:39 2011)

Trixbox instructions Official Trixbox site. Login to Trixbox Web admin center and switch to "Admin

BlockedIax 1.9 by root- (Thu Mar 22 05:39:16 2012)

Q: My Internet provider is blocking IAX2 or SIP traffic. What should I do? A: For IAX2 protocol

AsteriskSip 1.11 by root- (Sat May 14 23:58:09 2016)

Asterisk Instructions for SIP Your Asterisk server may be configured to connect to Diamondcard.us

GenSip 1.6 by root- (Mon Jun 21 09:39:17 2010)

Generic SIP settings Use these settings if you didn't find specific instructions for your SIP

PersNumbersConfig 1.22 by root- (Fri May 4 15:38:09 2012)

VOIP devices configuration for using personal numbers There are two ways how you can use your VOIP

AstIax 1.14 by root- (Thu Feb 25 12:37:25 2016)

IAX service You can make calls to regular phone numbers anywhere in the world as well as internal

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