IAX service

You can make calls to regular phone numbers anywhere in the world as well as internal Diamondcard.us phone numbers using the IAX2 protocol. You can do this with a softphone, an Asterisk server or any other device which supports the IAX2 protocol.

IAX softphone instructions

Configure your softphone to use the following settings.

 Protocol:    IAX2
 Host:        usgw.ast.diamondcard.us 
 Username:    Your_AccountID
 Password:    Your_PIN_code
 Audio codec: GSM, iLBC 

Dial a number in international format: country code - area code - phone number. You can call other Diamondcard.us users by dialing their local Diamondcard.us number. You can find your local Diamondcard.us number at "personal #'s" page. To allow other Diamondcard.us users to call you set Registration ON in your softphone settings.

Asterisk instructions

Configure your Asterisk server to use the following settings.

Add to your iax.conf.

 ; Diamondcard.us termination
 ; Use usgw.ast.diamondcard.us if you want to connect to our USA server.

Add to your extensions.conf.

 ; Diamondcard.us termination
 exten => _011.,1,Dial(IAX2/diamondcard/${EXTEN:3})
 exten => _011.,2,Congestion 
 ; Include 'diamondcardterm' context into your local context. 

This will allow you to dial numbers with a prefix of 011. After the prefix dial the country code and then the number you wish to call.

Asterisk based systems

This general instructions can be applied to any Asterisk setup. More detailed instructions for certain Asterisk based systems can be found bellow:

- Trixbox, FreePBX, Asterisk now.

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