Block Phone Numbers Feature

We have added a new function in the Diamondcard administration center that allows you to block specific phone numbers. The link is called "block numbers". You can block incoming numbers, outgoing numbers or entire countries too.

Calls will be blocked for your top level account and all your sub accounts.


Block Outgoing Numbers


The screen shot above shows no numbers in the blocked list. Click 'Add blocked outgoing number' link in the menu bar above to add new number(s). A blocked outgoing number means you or any of your sub-accounts will not be able to call it.


In 'ADD OUTGOING NUMBER IN BLOCKED LIST' above you can add as many numbers as you want. Separating them by space, ',', ';' or new line. You can add comments in the description box too.


Click on 'outgoing numbers blocked list' to manage all blocked numbers and remove one or more from the list, if required.


Click 'notifications' link in the above nav bar to check notification settings.

Block Incoming Numbers

You can block incoming calls from specific numbers. Click 'Add blocked incoming number' to add numbers to the blocked list or click 'Incoming numbers block list' to remove one or more numbers from the list. This is used when you have spam phone calls that come from predictable numbers.

Block Countries

This reduces unsolicited calls as well as protecting your account from Asterisk fraud by blocking specific countries or continents that you know you will never call. Block Countries