Company History, Inc. started out in the USA in 1996 and formed officially as a C-Corp in March of 2000. Today, we are currently headquartered in Thailand, with development offices in Europe, USA and Canada. The Company provides turnkey Internet solutions throughout the United States and the world. From the beginning when began operations in 1996, the Company has concentrated on software development. Its specialty is high-end custom software development within the direct sales, VOIP and open source industry.

Dreamtime runs a successful VOIP service called Diamondcard. The VOIP service is directly integrated with the top two Linux softphones (Ekiga & Twinkle) in the world. Dreamtime was one of the first Asterisk (IAX) service providers and one of only a few that are still operating profitably in today's business environment. The company is debt free since day one and profitable for many, many years.

The company focus is to license out Dreamtime intellectual property worldwide.

VOIP Services - VOIP Service

Diamondcard service is a complete VOIP service which enables customers to make local and international calls at a fraction of what their local telephone company charges. The service incorporates the latest cutting edge telecommunications and open source technology.

International personal number forwarding and routing, voice mail, unlimited accounts, simultaneous call capabilities, PBX integration, prepaid calling card and call shop platforms, IAX windows softphone, Linux softphone integration and reseller system platform.

Diamondcard software and services have been developed from the ground up, by programmers that have been with the company since the beginning.

VOIP Softswitch

Our Diamondcard VOIP Softswitch is built on Open Source technology. Click here for a summary overview of our Softswitch platform.

Diamondcard Softphone

The Diamondcard softphone is a software program that allows someone to make AND receive phone calls from their PC. The program is downloaded in a few minutes from our web site and installs on their computer. The softphone allows you to multi-party conference, call record and many other functions. This is the only softphone that uses a flash user interface that allows graphic animations depending upon phone events like an incoming call, busy, voice mail, etc.

The softphone can be private labeled for use with large community organizations and bundled with phone service.

Hosted PBX Service

A hosted PBX is the latest cutting edge technology for a global business phone system. For a very low startup cost any company can sound like a fortune 500 company when someone calls their phone number. Press 1 for sales, 2 for tech support, 3 for accounting, 0 for the operator, press * to search our directory and much more. Extensions, voice mails emailed to the recipient, SMS notifcations and so much more is now instantly available. A new PBX account can be up and running in less than 5 minutes.

With a choice of 55+ country personal phone numbers to choose from the PBX market is not just USA centric but global.

Personal Numbers (DID's)

A Personal number is a real phone number (also known as a DID - Direct Inward Dialing Number) which is available for people anywhere in the world to call. Incoming calls to this number can be forwarded anywhere at very cheap rates. A sophisticated yet easy to use forwarding schedule is also included.

For example, a business in Europe needs a USA number that customers in North America can dial which forwards automatically to their European office at cheap rates. Or an office in Asia would like a UK customer service number which forwards at cheap rates to their Asia office.

Call forwarding allows calls to be routed to any landline, mobile phone, IAX, or SIP phone (a computer softphone) depending on the time of day or day of the week. The system can call several alternatives if the primary phone is busy or not reachable. This is called a "follow me" service and is included with an account at no additional charge.

Text Messaging (SMS's)

The Diamondcard SMS service allows someone to send international SMS's in many different ways and at very cheap rates. You can send an SMS directly from the Diamondcard admin center, from a mobile phone using the "light" admin center, using our API if you are integrating or reselling the SMS service and through a softphone like Ekiga or Twinkle.

Bulk sending of SMS's can also be sent. Login to a Diamondcard account, import the mobile phone numbers, create an SMS message and send it out. Merge fields can be used to personalize SMS's from a database and schedule the date and time in any time zone to deliver the messages!

We even provide the ability to receive incoming SMS messages which allows you to be interactive with your customers.

Prepaid Calling Card Platform

The Prepaid Calling Card Platform is used to run a bulk volume calling card business. We provide local and international access numbers, custom IVR if required, 24/7 web interface to manage the business, ability to set call rates for your customers, sophisticated billing system, instant on the fly pin creation and much, much more as detailed in the link above.

No software to buy, download, install or maintain. No servers required. Low startup fee. We host and maintain everything.

Call Shop Platform

The Call Shop Platform is a web based system and contains everything required to easily manage multiple call shops. You can manage call shops all over the world from one Diamondcard account! The system will even tell you how much money you are making on a per call/day/month basis.

Our latest release is the Diamondcard Enterprise Call Shop Platform. We call it "Enterprise" because it can manage 100+ call shops that can be located in multiple countries all over the world! The administration interface is browser based which allows the call shop to be located anywhere. This is a hosted application on our worldwide redundant internet backbone. No need to spend money on expensive servers, gateways, routers, switches, border controllers, billing software, data centers and full time developers. There is NO INSTALLATION required. If you have an Internet connection, a SIP, IAX device or softphone, a web browser and a customer, you can be in business today!

Private Label

The Private Label gets you into the VOIP business FAST, EASY and at LOW COST. Buy wholesale from us and sell retail to clients and make the difference. We provide all the tools to manage your clients through a 24/7 web interface.

As a Private Label all Diamondcard services are available under a private brand including the following:

1 Hosted PBX Service - Global market. 2 DID's - International Personal and Toll Free Phone Numbers. 55+ countries! 3 Prepaid Calling Card Platform. 4 Call Shops. 5 Telephone Consultants Payment System. 6 Text Messaging (SMS's) Service. 7 Softphone - Windows and Linux. 8 Callback service. 9 MLM Reseller distribution system.

Reseller System - Private Enterprise (PE)

The Private Enterprise Distributor (PE) is an easy way to sell VOIP services. Set rates for incoming and outgoing calls, add users, debit/credit accounts, resell personal numbers (did's), VOIP equipment, callshops, prepaid calling card platform and do what is required to run a sucessful international VOIP service.

Usually, but not always, a PE is also a Private Label. A Private Label is the way to go if clients need to login through the Internet to check their call history, recharge and buy services online. If clients do not need to login then a Private Label is not required.

The PE system is web based. The only requirements are a Diamondcard account with credit in it.

Telephone Consultants Payment System (TCPS)

TCPS is for people that provide telephone consultation services. TCPS allows consultants to focus on what they do. Provide service on the telephone. TCPS takes care of the billing, invoicing and payments for these services.

Here's how it works. A "consultant" signs up for the TCPS service by getting a Diamondcard account. Once the consultant gets a Diamondcard account he buys a personal number. This number can be a local and/or a toll free number in any country we provide numbers in. These numbers will be used for his clients to call in for "paid service". Paid service means that the call will be billable through the TCPS system.

The consultant decides how much he wants to charge for the telephone call. By setting a per minute rate any hourly amount can be charged. The system can even set a free minute rate like the first 2 minutes free before billing starts.

Resellers and PE's can resell this service too. TCPS makes it easy for consultants to conduct their business by providing a complete billing engine without hassle and completely eliminating bad debts. Not to mention the time saved by reducing time spent talking to customers on the phone that never gets paid for.

Direct Sales & Marketing Software Development

The underlying core product of the software platform is The Replicator. The Replicator is a tool that can create 25,000 or more sites in less than an hour and is the complete Internet solution for any size company that conducts business on the Internet.

All of’s services are developed on the Replicator platform.

The following is a partial list of Dreamtime Direct Sales & Marketing Software development:

The Replicator™

The Replicator is a technical platform that lets customers sell or distribute unlimited “personalized” versions of a corporate website, instantly. Each version takes only seconds to create and each has it’s own URL and administration center for the user to manage the site. In addition, each “rep” site can have its own e-commerce shopping system, online signups, flash presentations, java applets, or just about anything else within a replicated site. The Replicator gives a company the ability to create a hundred thousand or more e-commerce enabled portal web sites in less than a weekend. This is power. The Replicator gives a company a complete Internet presence that will increase business and cash flow.


The most advanced Internet based software system organizations can use for running their Multi-level Marketing or direct marketing company. Featuring real time credit card authorizations for rep signups and e-commerce orders, real time genealogy reports, simple or complex compensation plans, multi-currency orders, global commission capability and much more. This product is completely customizable, scaleable, and rock solid. Over 12+ years in use. Delivery time is usually two to five weeks.


DREAMcommerce is a turnkey e-commerce solution for any company utilizing the Internet for sales. DREAMcommerce offers to its users high-end design, real time functionality, great pricing and fast installation. Includes a complete point and click system to manage the shopping system.

E-mail Blaster™

E-mail Blaster will completely automate an organization’s follow up business. Features unlimited programs, unlimited target groups and letters and the capability to handle over a million contacts. Uses Dreamtime point and click technology and seamlessly integrates with The Replicator. This product provides staff with amazing follow up capabilities reducing manual labor and associate costs. E-mail Blaster will exponentially increase cash flow for businesses… while they sleep.


The most robust, easy to use, web based recurring billing system on the Internet today. 100% web based and fully secure, DREAMcharge is the solution companies have been waiting for. Integrated with, DREAMcharge is the best payment gateway on the Internet today, allowing companies to put an end to their recurring billing nightmares. DREAMcharge will transform recurring billing problems into dreams. The easy solution for recurring billing needs. Over 10 years in use and has never been hacked once. Rock solid.

For more information contact us at one of the following numbers:

 +1-877-402-VOIP (+1-877-402-8647) - USA toll free
 +1-303-997-0900 - Colorado, USA
 +1-647-722-2117 - Toronto, Canada
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