entry Name of first page loadedInternalTPL_Plain
height Height of textarea used for editing pagesInternal25
me Name of the PodWiki scriptInternalpodwiki
page Name of the current pageInternalIndex
sep Separator character (used in, for example, horizontal menus)Internal|
version PodWiki versionInternal0.9.1
width Width of textarea used for editing pagesInternal80
write Pageroot
ascii GraphicsG
attach GraphicsG
back GraphicsG
bookmark GraphicsG
cancel GraphicsG
cdimage GraphicsG
configure GraphicsG
contents GraphicsG
daemon GraphicsG
document GraphicsG
down GraphicsG
edit GraphicsG
encrypted GraphicsG
filefind GraphicsG
fileopen GraphicsG
fileprint GraphicsG
filesave GraphicsG
forward GraphicsG
gohome GraphicsG
help GraphicsG
html GraphicsG
idea GraphicsG
image GraphicsG
info GraphicsG
lock GraphicsG
ok GraphicsG
pdf GraphicsG
sound GraphicsG
tar GraphicsG
tgz GraphicsG
up GraphicsG
video GraphicsG
AQUA Switches to AQUA textColors AQUA text
BLACK Switches to BLACK textColors BLACK text
BLUE Switches to BLUE textColors BLUE text
B_AQUA Switches to a AQUA backgroundColors AQUA background
B_BLACK Switches to a BLACK backgroundColors BLACK background
B_BLUE Switches to a BLUE backgroundColors BLUE background
B_END Ends background colorColors
B_GRAY Switches to a GRAY backgroundColors GRAY background
B_GREEN Switches to a GREEN backgroundColors GREEN background
B_LIME Switches to a LIME backgroundColors LIME background
B_MAROON Switches to a MAROON backgroundColors MAROON background
B_NAVY Switches to a NAVY backgroundColors NAVY background
B_OLIVE Switches to a OLIVE backgroundColors OLIVE background
B_ORANGE Switches to a ORANGE backgroundColors ORANGE background
B_PINK Switches to a PINK backgroundColors PINK background
B_PURPLE Switches to a PURPLE backgroundColors PURPLE background
B_RED Switches to a RED backgroundColors RED background
B_SILVER Switches to a SILVER backgroundColors SILVER background
B_TEAL Switches to a TEAL backgroundColors TEAL background
B_WHITE Switches to a WHITE backgroundColors WHITE background
B_YELLOW Switches to a YELLOW backgroundColors YELLOW background
END Ends text colorColors
GRAY Switches to GRAY textColors GRAY text
GREEN Switches to GREEN textColors GREEN text
LIME Switches to LIME textColors LIME text
MAROON Switches to MAROON textColors MAROON text
NAVY Switches to NAVY textColors NAVY text
OLIVE Switches to OLIVE textColors OLIVE text
ORANGE Switches to ORANGE textColors ORANGE text
PINK Switches to PINK textColors PINK text
PURPLE Switches to PURPLE textColors PURPLE text
RED Switches to RED textColors RED text
SILVER Switches to SILVER textColors SILVER text
TEAL Switches to TEAL textColors TEAL text
WHITE Switches to WHITE textColors WHITE text
YELLOW Switches to YELLOW textColors YELLOW text