*WikiShorthand Sample*

There are 4 types of headlines:

Headline 1 **

Headline 2 ==========

Headline 3 ----------

Headline 4 ~~~~~~~~~~

Paragraphs are separated by empty lines.

This one paragraph.

And this is another paragraph.

*Bold* and /italic/ text format is supported. You can also intermix */bold and italic/* formatting.

Of course links are working too: [PodWikiMarkup]. Links can also have names: [This is a link|WikiShorthand].

Write external links by just entering the URL: http://god.org/

Include graphics just by writing the image filename: ok.png.

Lists are possible too:

o item one

o item two

You can use PodWiki variables: gohome.

To write verbatim (unformatted text), prepend each line with at least one whitespace:

if(c-code) { printf("failed"); }