Incoming SMS Service

Our new SMS service allows you to receive incoming SMS messages from any USA mobile phone. Previously, with Diamondcard, you were only able to send SMS messages. Now you can receive them, enabling real two-way communications.

When you send an SMS using Diamondcard to a USA mobile phone, the caller ID that displays as the sender is your Diamondcard USA personal number (DID) which is enabled for our Incoming SMS Service. When the recipient of your SMS clicks to respond, they will be sending an SMS back to your Diamondcard personal number.

Shortly, we expect to enable Twinkle and Ekiga users the ability to receive incoming SMS's to their softphone. This will allow real time two-way communications in the chat window of Ekiga and Twinkle.

Any mobile phone in the world is able to send SMS messages to your Diamondcard personal number. This number must be purchased with the Incoming SMS Service added to it upon checkout for it to receive incoming SMS messages.

The routing options for incoming SMS messages are as follows.


1. SMS inbox. Incoming SMS messages will be stored in your SMS inbox in your Diamondcard admin center. There are no per SMS charges for incoming SMS messages to your inbox.

2. Email. Incoming SMS messages will be emailed to you. For programmers, you can parse these emails and do whatever you want on your own server. There are no per SMS charges for incoming SMS messages to your email address. Separate each email address with a "," for multiple email addresses

3. International mobile phone. Incoming SMS messages will be forwarded to any international mobile phone number you specify. This allows USA mobile phones to send SMS's to a USA short code at no cost to the sender and you will pay for the delivery of the SMS to your international mobile phone at a very low rate. This is very similar to our Personal Number Service (DID) that allows Diamondcard users to save 80%+ on roaming or international forwarding.

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SMS service Terms and Conditions

For more information contact us at one of the following numbers:

 +1-877-402-VOIP (+1-877-402-8647) - USA toll free
 +1-303-997-0900 - Colorado, USA
 +1-647-722-2117 - Toronto, Canada
 +33-176-641-289 - Paris, France
 +44-207-100-5767 - London, United Kingdom 

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