Revolutionary New Addition to the Call Shop Platform

We have released new functionality to our call shop platform.

This new release allows a call shop to completely eliminate the cashier function! Normally, a call shop operates by checking users into and out of a booth where they make calls. The user pays the shop money and the cashier gives them change back. This is called the cashiering function and up until now has been mandatory for call shops all over the world. With our latest new innovation you can now run a call shop and not have to do all the steps involved in cashiering booths.

Instead of cashiering booths, the workers in your shop will sell prepaid cards of a certain amount. Your customers who want to make calls buy these cards and walk over to the call shop booths. The booths can be softphones, hard phones or even mobile phones! YES, MOBILE PHONES!! We are getting ahead of ourselves here. Mobile phones will be in our next press release :)

Customers pick up the phone and dial 1#. They hear the IVR asking them to enter their pin code. They enter the pin code on the card. The system then asks for the number they want to dial. Now they can start to make calls.

This new way of doing things means the workers in your call shop just have to sell cards. Simple instructions can be printed on the cards to guide your customers.

Not only does this eliminate tedious cashiering work but it also eliminates your workers from having to deal with call connection problems. Your staff only has to sell the cards, they don't have to do anything else. If the users want support they can call the support number on the cards for help!

In summary, you can eliminate customer service issues, cashiering and will not need technical staff to handle cashiering or customer support anymore. All of this saving you time and money and increasing sales at the same time. Another innovation by the developers at Diamondard.