Diamondcard Prepaid Calling Card Platform is now available!

We would like to announce a NEW SERVICE to the Diamondcard system. This is our Prepaid Calling Card Platform (PCCP). This NEW SERVICE allows us to offer prepaid calling card platform features and functionality WITHIN YOUR DIAMONDCARD ACCOUNT!

No software to install. No costly software license. No servers to manage. No programmers or expensive maintenance workers. All you need is a Diamondcard account! Getting started is very easy. You pay the 99 setup fee and deposit a minimum of 3,500 for your call minutes. Then create your batches of prepaid cards and start earning money!

Your customers will need to call an access number to make their phone calls. We provide access numbers for you to use in the USA, Canada, Germany, UK, Czech Republic, Poland and Italy. If you want to sell your cards in a country where we do not have an access number you can setup an Asterisk server and we will add it to our network.

To make things even easier, we have entered into a partnership with a printer that specializes in printing prepaid cards. They currently print millions of cards every month. We can help you get your cards printed fast, cheap and shipped quickly to any location around the world.

If you want to get started contact us for a demo of the PCCP. Please make sure you have your Diamondcard username and we will activate it within your account.