New Functionality for Private Label Resellers!

We have released new functionality that enables you to completely manage resales of personal numbers (DID's) in your Diamondcard private labeled website.

If you are a Private Label Reseller you can see this new functionality by logging into your Diamondcard account and clicking OPTIONS in the PE section. Then click MANAGE SHOP. You will see two choices. SHOP GENERAL SETTINGS and PERSONAL PHONE NUMBER PRICING. This is where you manage your DID resales.

With one click of the mouse you can enable online sales of personal phone numbers from your website. You can even sell numbers that you don't even have in inventory and the number will automatically be purchased from Diamondcard and allocated to your user at whatever pricing you are selling it at. Everything is automated!

You can set special pricing for specific numbers and even give discounts for longer durations. If you have hundreds or thousands of numbers you can increase, decreas! e or set pricing globally for all your numbers with one click. Now that's efficiency!

We are already working on adding additional functionality for automated and manual renewal of numbers by your clients from your site. Let us know if you have any questions or comments.