Diamondcard Personal Callback Numbers!

We have released another new Diamondcard feature. Personal Callback Numbers!

Previously, we had three callback numbers users can use to trigger a callback. USA, Canada and the Czech Republic. The idea was that you call one of these numbers and if the system recognizes your caller ID then the system calls you back and allows you to make an international call at cheap rates. Everything worked fine most of the time.

We discovered that sometimes telcos were not passing caller ID to the callback number and our system couldn't authenticate and call you back. This occurred a small percentage of the time but when it did happen it was very irritating to not get a callback when you needed it. To fix this problem we have released Personal Callback Numbers.

You can dedicate one or more of your personal numbers to be your Personal Callback Number. You can do this on the Personal #'s page in the Telephony section of your Diamondcard administration! center. When you call this personal callback number from ANY PHONE in the world it will ring busy so you are not charged for this call. Then it will call you back at the number you enter in the personal #'s page as your callback number. As long as the personal callback number gets a call from anyone, it will then call you back at your callback number you entered. This way caller ID does not matter anymore!

Let us know how it works for you or if you have any questions or suggestions.