Diamondcard Service - Latest News

Here are some news updates.

1. London Access Number - We now have a London access number for you to use. This allows you to make international calls when you are away from your computer or on the road.

UK mobile users on certain calling plans can make very cheap calls to a London number. The access number is +44-207-100-5797. You can call this number and not have to enter your 12 digit pin number if you enter your calling number in the PINLESS page of your account. Go to "TELEPHONY" section, then "OPTIONS", then "GO PINLESS & CALLBACK". Enter your phone number that you will be calling from to the London or any other access number we have.

2. London Personal Number - We are running a special for buying a London personal number. Currently, the price for buying a London number is 59.95 USD for an entire year. That's only 4.95/mth. We are now reducing it to 30 for the entire year! That's 2.50/mth! This special will be running for the next three days till Friday Sept 22nd.

You need to buy the UK personal number from your admin center for 59.95 for the year. Then we will credit your account with the 30 savings.

Companies or resellers that need a bulk quantity of our personal numbers can contact us for even bigger savings.

3. Caller ID - For users that are using a SIP softphone or hardphone which does not allow you to set the caller ID we have a solution. You can now set the caller ID for your account from your administration center. Go to "TELEPHONY section, then OPTIONS, then "CALLER ID". Enter the phone number that you want for your caller ID.

4. Low balance email notification - You can choose to be alerted by email when your account reaches a minimum balance amount. This is useful to alert you to recharge your account manually rather than auto-recharge when you get to a certain low amount. This way you will never run out of money when you least expect it. This setting is in the "TELEPHONY" section. Click "OPTIONS! ", then "NOTIFICATIONS" link and choose your setting.

5. Lately, we have been doing a good amount of Diamondcard Private Label installations. Our new private label service we have been offering seems to be taking off.

If you are interested in a private label of the Diamondcard service, please contact our sales dept. You can become your own Diamondcard service with your own telephony website included at a very low price. You can be in business as a Diamondcard private label within just a few days!

Please let us know if you have questions on any of these features or in becoming a Private label client.