Hosted PBX Service - General Description

Today you can sound like a fortune 500 company when someone calls your phone number. Press 1 for sales, 2 for tech support, 3 for accounting, 0 for the operator, press * to search our directory. Extensions, voice mails emailed to you, SMS notifcations and so much more is now available at very reasonable pricing and fast fast fast! Fast means you can be up and running with our PBX system in less than 5 minutes.

In the past, buying a PBX system and putting it in your office would cost you a ton of money and strapping you with all kinds of hardware limitations on extensions, inflexible IVR, limited voice mail ports, inferior routing, delayed call records, etc.

Due to advancements in technology, a Hosted PBX does not have these limitations. Hosted means the system resides on our servers. We do all the work in configuring, maintaining your PBX and handle all technical support. This makes it easy for you since you don't have to worry about hosting, internet connectivity, software and server maintenance, etc.

In a normal setup, incoming calls are routed to your office via the internet. If your internet is down your PBX system is still up! Callers will still hear your IVR and the system is intelligent. The system knows if your internet is down to forward your calls to your mobile or other phones you might have. How's that for smartness and redundancy?

With a hosted PBX you can reduce your monthly telephone bill by 70% or more and increase the amount of features and flexibility you have. No contracts that lock you in for an eternity and usually to an inferior service. Pay just month to month to get the flexibility you need.

In this economy why pay more when you don't have to?

To get started you need to buy a Personal Number (DID) to use with your PBX system. A Personal Number (DID) is how people call in to your PBX. Without a number, people cannot call you. Read more on (PBX) - Private Branch Exchange.

Billing Questions on the Hosted PBX.

Check out the Hosted PBX features below. Exact package details are shown in the on-line shop when you click the Sign-up link

Base Features

* Add gateways, extensions and SIP endpoints via web interface
* Easy to add Interactive Voice Response (IVR's)
* Flexible routing of DID incoming calls
* Transfer to another extension regardless of location
* Conferencing
* Voice mail to email
* Music on hold
* Call parking
* Hunt groups
* View/hangup/transfer live calls
* View call history (CDR records) over the web interface
* Record "sound clips" for use in dialplan or IVR's
* Inject audio or text-to-speech into live calls

Advanced Features

* Call groups
* Queues
* Email to fax - Coming soon.

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Promotional discount of 10% when you prepay for 6 months and 20% for 1 year.

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