Become a Diamondcard Distributor

We have many VOIP services that are available to resell as a distributor. Some of the main ones are listed below.

1. Call Shop Platform. This is a complete call shop system with unlimited shops and phones. Free Setup included! This will allow anyone to operate a call shop from anywhere in the world regardless of where they are located. Big commissions for Diamondcard distributors.

2. Prepaid Calling Card Solution. This web based system will allow anyone to start and operate a prepaid calling card service regardless of where they are located. Features include creating batches of prepaid calling cards, assigning your own rates, unlimited pins and much more. From setup to operation in less than 30 minutes!

3. International Personal Phone numbers (DID's). People can now get their own personal phone number and forward calls to any land line or mobile phone in the world. Including forwarding of calls based on time of day.

4. Private Label - Become your own Skype or Vonage service!

Earn big commissions on these new products and services from More information at or call +1-303-997-0900.