Callback Service - Released

Diamondcard Callback system is now available!

For people that travel to areas where they cannot access the internet or have a country access number available, the only choice to make calls at cheaper rates is through a "callback" service.

A callback service allows a user of our service to call a phone number we provide without being charged for this call. Our system recognizes the calling number and then calls back that user with a prompt to dial the destination number they want to call.

The rates charged for callback phone calls will be our IP phone rates. These are our lowest rates.

Here is an example. Let's say you are calling USA from Ukraine. You are calling from your mobile phone in Ukraine. The system calls you back on your Ukrainian mobile phone. The IP phone rate for calling a Ukrainian mobile phone is 0.171/min. Then you dial the USA. The IP phone rate for the USA call is 0.021/min. Total for this callback call is 0.191/min.

Click here for more information on our callback rates.