Diamondcard Call Shop - New Features!

We have added new functionality to the Diamondcard call shop platform. The following new features have been added.

Real Time Status Page - The "cashier" page now updates in real time. You can see which call shop booths are active, calls that are currently live and what destination is currently being called along with the per minute price.

You can see which booths are live but not on an active call and for how long they have been "idle". This information gives you instant status on all booths in your call shop whether they are in your line of sight or not. These new additions to the call shop system really helps out your cashiers and system administrator in knowing whats going on at all times with your call shop booths.

Profit Verification Notification - Imagine having to set prices on thousands of country destinations and then having to make changes to keep competitive with your local competition. Even with the Diamondcard call shop platform which makes setting prices a breeze it can still take a toll on you trying to keep up with a dynamically changing marketplace.

Our new feature alerts you by email when a certain call is made that goes below a set percentage profit. For example, let's say you want to guarantee a minimum 25% profit margin on all calls. You enter 25% for the profit verification and when a call is made on any one of thousands of country destinations where you end up earning less than 25%, you instantly receive an email alerting you to which destination falls below your minimum profit margin and by how much!

This ensures you make the most money at all times by catching any mistakes or unknown increased termination costs.

With the hosted Diamondcard call shop platform there is nothing to install and all new features instantly show up in your call shop!

If you would like to really streamline your call shop operation and start making the m! ost money possible, contact us today. You can be up and running with the Diamondcard call shop platform the very same day.