March 2008 Diamondcard Update

There are many things to talk about. I've decided to put it all in our first Diamondcard blog in the support Wiki rather than send out separate press releases for each item.

We'll get started with invoicing. With increasing numbers of business clients coming over to Diamondcard from other providers, a common request has been for invoices. If you have any experience asking for and getting invoices from Diamondcard you will know that's its like pulling teeth without pain killers since we have to create them manually for each request. We are finishing up the programming to have invoices not only available for historical purposes but also automated and sent to you without even asking for them.

If you are new to Diamondcard, we are not only a VOIP service provider but we also develop all our own software. We can customize almost anything. Including our own system :)

We have Thailand DID's available online. Not just any DID's, but MOBILE DID's! Quantities are limited. First come first served. They are available in the online shop. You might be asking WHERE is our online shop. That's a good question. If you have an account you need to login and click "online shopping". If you do not have an account go to Online Shop. We will be completely redoing the Diamondcard site shortly and hopefully after that people will be able to find and navigate our online shop without hiring a private detective to help find where it is.

Since I mentioned our online shop, we have revamped it and added a lot of products to it. VOIP adapters, IP phones, VOIP hardware, and even headsets. Diamondcard resellers can also get this shop for their private label too. Not only are you in the VOIP business almost instantly but you can resell all kinds of VOIP devices and accessories too. It just gets better and better.

Hola mi amigos! We have added a Spanish USA access number for our Spanish speaking users. The number is 1-303-997-0919. The Spanish is using the Spanish dialect. We will be releasing another USA Spanish access number that will use the Mexican Spanish dialect. Prepaid calling card accounts can use either one or both.

Prepaid Calling Card Platform accounts can also use this Spanish access number for their clients too. No extra charge.

In other news our SMS service has been moving along nicely. The ability to send SMS's from Ekiga (Linux Softphone) is a nice feature. 3rd party systems are reselling our SMS service by utilizing our SMS API. This makes it easy to get into the SMS business. Our Diamondcard Private Label makes it easy to get into the VOIP business.

If you knew who is using our Diamondcard VOIP Private Label you would be astounded. Of course, we are sworn to secrecy.

At the bottom of this blog entry as well as sometimes in emails my name is signed with a title or label of "President". When I hear the word "president" I think of President Bush, President Clinton. President seems like some big big thing. It seems strange to me to have a label like this.

I remember many years ago a business acquaintenance told me a story. He said he was having a meeting with someone and at this meeting my friend happened to not be wearing a suit and tie. The other guy was hesitant about having a meeting with someone that obviously was not the president or someone important enough to have a meeting with. I mean, if he were the president he would LOOK like the president and wear a suit and tie. President's always wear a suit and tie in a business meeting, right? They have to look "presidential". My friend told the guy if he would feel more comfortable, he would lay out his suit and tie in the seat next to him and the guy could have a conversation with the suit and tie.

I never wear a suit and tie. Maybe I should sign my name "President (doesn't wear suit and tie)".

Stephen Karrington
President, Inc.