SMS Service - Unicode Support and Delivery Notification

We now have full support for Unicode messages. This means you can type your SMS in Russian, Chinese or any other non-english language and the SMS will be delivered in that language.

We also added delivery notification status. When you send messages we will display proper delivery status in most cases. After you send an SMS from your Diamondcard admin center or even through your mobile phone it can take a few minutes or longer to display the delivery status.

If you have an internet package on your mobile phone it's a great way to send international SMS's. Rather than pay high SMS rates to the mobile company for these messages you can make good use of your mobile internet connection. Just login to your Diamondcard admin center and click "SEND SMS" to send your SMS through Diamondcard at cheap rates!

We also improved our routing. If you sent an SMS before and it wasn't delivered you can try again. It should work now.

Let us know if you have any questions.