PE Reports

Reports in the PE system get right to the point. They tell you what you need to know when you need to know it. Information you need to manage your VOIP business.


Call Details

This report gives you detailed information on all calls made by your PE sub-accounts. At a quick glance this tells you where the latest calls have been going and most importantly how much money you are making on every call!


Call Summary by Days

This report shows you how many calls your clients are making and how much money you are making every day. One click and you know what your bottom line is. This is the first report you will look at when you arrive at your office each day.


Call Summary by Destinations

This report tells you which destinations are the most popular. You can sort it any way you want.


Call Summary by Users

This report tells you how much volume your clients are doing. You know which ones are doing the most calls, volume, and most importantly who is making you the most money.