Billing Questions on the Hosted PBX

Q: How does the billing work on the Hosted PBX Service?

A: Each Hosted PBX plan has a certain amount of minutes (incoming + outgoing) included in the monthly price. The Starter plan has 500 minutes included. All calls coming into the PBX from outside the PBX system as well as calls to certain countries is included in the 500 minutes calculation.

For example, when someone calls your personal number that is forwarding into the PBX, the minutes are counted. When you make a call from a PBX extension to a real phone number in some country those minutes may be included in the 500 minutes total. It depends on what country the call is going to. If you are calling Cyprus from a PBX extension through Diamondcard, the minutes are not included in the 500 minutes and you pay the per minute rate to that country. If you are calling Germany, the minutes are included in the 500 minutes. The destinations that are included in the monthly minutes are listed below.

Included outgoing minutes (to land lines) - USA (mobile too), Canada (mobile too), United Kingdom, France, Germany, Ireland, Israel, Singapore (mobile too).

Included incoming minutes - USA and most international country DID's. Some international DID's have maximum monthly minute restrictions.

Exceptions: USA Personal Number (PN) Group A, B, C are not included in package minutes. These are higher per minute cost DID's because they are in smaller cities or rural areas.

Incoming or outgoing minutes that are not included in the monthly plan are billed at normal Diamondcard rates for outgoing calls or incoming DID calls.

If you call from one PBX extension to another PBX extension the minutes are not counted or included in the 500 minutes because these calls are always free.

Minutes are not carried over to the next month. Each new monthly billing resets the monthly minutes. If you use up your included minutes and go over your package of minutes, the overage is billed at 0.025/min.

For example, if you have the 500 minutes package and you call the USA, once you get to minute 501 in the current billing cycle your account is billed at 0.025/min. which is deducted from your prepaid balance. If your balance goes to 0 you will not be able to make calls.