New Country Personal Numbers

We have new country personal numbers available. They are not on the site yet but are available for purchase now. If you want to order one or more please email us the countries and quantities you are interested in. Pricing is below.

China +86-21-51078xxx. 10/mth. 5 setup. Panama +507-3-700xxx. 10/mth. 10 setup.
Romania +40-21-5694xxx. 5/mth. 7 setup.
Switzerland +41-22-5883xxx. 10/mth. 10 setup.
Denmark +45-701-41xxx. 10/mth. 10 setup.
Sweden +46-8-465058xxx. 10/mth. 10 setup.
Poland +48-22-2014xxx. 10/mth. 10 setup.
Mexico +52-33-53500xxx. 10/mth. 10 setup.
Argentina +54-11-59176xxx. 10/mth. 10 setup.
Brazil +55-21-37240xxx. 12/mth. 10 setup. Other cities available too.
Australia +61-7-30184xxx. 5/mth. 5 setup. Other cities available too.
New Zealand + 64-4-9174xxx. 15/mth. 15 setup. Other cities available too.
Singapore +65-310-62xxx. 15/mth. 10 setup.
Pakistan +92-21-8301xxx. ! 12/mth. 12 setup. Other cities available too.
Ireland +353-1-6530xxx. 10/mth. 5 setup.
Cyprus +357-24-022xxx. 10/mth. 15 setup.
Latvia +371-7-881xxx. 7/mth. 10 setup.
Guatemala +502-2-3534xxx. 10/mth. 10 setup.
El Salvador +503-211-31xxx. 12/mth. 10 setup.
Hong Kong +852-318-07xxx. 10/mth. 7 setup.
Israel +972-3-9059xxx. 10/mth. 10 setup.

These personal numbers are in limited supplies. If we run out we might not be able to get more of them. First come first served.