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ConfServ 1.8 by root- (Tue May 12 20:35:42 2009)

Conferencing You can have your own conference calls 24/7 using your Diamondcard account. Its fast,

ConfServSup 1.4 by root- (Thu May 15 08:43:10 2014)

Conferencing Support Conference setup and cost Multiple conference participants Is there a way to

ConfSetup 1.4 by root- (Thu May 15 13:42:00 2014)

Conference setup and cost Q: I want to set up a conference. How do I do that and what is the cost?

ConfDialSip 1.4 by root- (Tue May 12 20:56:12 2009)

Calling conference via SIP Q: Is there a way to dial into a conference bridge via SIP directly?

ConfSimCalls 1.2 by root- (Tue May 12 20:56:24 2009)

Multiple conference participants Q: I've created a conference and redirected my number to it, but

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