For people that travel to areas where they cannot access the internet or do not have a country access number available for them to use, the only choice to make calls at cheaper rates is using a "callback" service.

With the callback service you dial one of the callback numbers listed below. Our system will give you a busy signal when you call this number so you are not charged for the call. Our system will recognize your calling number and then call you back at that number. You will hear a prompt to dial the destination number you want to call.

When you signup for a Diamondcard account you can enter all your phone numbers that you might be using the callback service from. This way our system will recognize your calling number. If our system doesn't recognize your calling number it won't be calling you back. You enter your callback numbers in your Diamondcard administration center. This is where you login with your username and password. Click the LOGIN link at the top of this web page to login to your account.

Callback phone calls are charged at our IP phone rates. These are the lowest rates we have. Our callback rates are cheaper than just about any other company out there that also offers a callback service.

Here is an example. Let's say you are calling the USA from Ukraine. You want to call from your Ukrainian mobile phone. You dial our callback number from your Ukrainian mobile phone. The system calls you back on your Ukrainian mobile phone. You dial the USA phone number you want to call and start talking when you are connected. The IP phone rate for calling you back on your Ukrainian mobile phone is 0.171/min. This is the first leg of the callback call. The IP phone rate for second leg of your callback call is to the USA and that rate is 0.021/min. Both legs are added up and the total for this callback call is 0.191/min.

For a complete list of rates to all destinations, click here to go to the RATES page.

Usage instructions

1. The number you are calling from must be entered on "TELEPHONY"->"options"->"go pinless & callback" page.

2. Dial our callback number. Current list of callback numbers available at "call rates" page by selecting "callback" under "access point" heading.

3. When you call the callback number the system will check your calling number and then give you a busy signal. If your calling number is matched to an account the system will call you back with a prompt to enter the destination number you want to call.

4. Enter your destination number. Country code + phone number. Do NOT enter any international dialing prefix. For your favorite telephone numbers you may use speed dial. This option should be configured first on "TELEPHONY"->"options"->"speed dial" page.

You may press "*" to interrupt current call and make another call without disconnecting.

Once the callback has been initiated, you will be charged for one leg of the call when you pickup the callback phone call. When you dial the number you want to call you will then be charged for that call too. There are always two legs to every callback phone call assuming you are going to be calling someone. Both legs of the callback phone call are billed at our cheapest pricing.

Diamondcard Call back Numbers

 +1-916-244-9300 - for USA customers only 

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