Telephone Consultants Payment System (TCPS)


If you provide telephone consultation services this service is for you. TCPS allows consultants to focus on what they do. Provide service on the telephone. TCPS takes care of the billing, invoicing and payments for your services.

Here's how it works. A consultant signs up for the TCPS service by getting a Diamondcard account.

Once the consultant gets a Diamondcard account he buys a personal number. This number can be a local and/or a toll free number in any country we provide numbers for. These numbers will be used for the clients to call in for "paid service". Paid service means that the call will be billable through the TCPS system.

The consultant decides how much he wants to charge for the telephone call. By setting a per minute rate any hourly amount can be charged. You can even set a free minute rate like the first 2 minutes free before billing starts.

Resellers and PE's can also resell this service too.

How clients pay

Consultant clients pay into the system by making payment to Inc. The developer of Diamondcard. Payment can be made by bank wire, Paypal, Western Union, Money order, WebMoney, Bitcoins or Globaldigitalpay. Once payment has been made their Diamondcard account is credited and can start making calls to the consultant. By calling the consultant personal number the hourly rate is automatically deducted from the Dimondcard client account and transferred in real time to the consultant Diamondcard account.

Since payment is prepaid TCPS eliminates invoicing, billing hassles, collection problems and bad debts. The service enables the consultant to generate additional revenue by getting paid for telephone calls that they are most likely doing for free right now!

TCPS Pricing

Diamondcard receives a 17% commission from the hourly rate consultants charge their clients for service. This charge covers the cost of credit card or paypal charges, accounting work, software platform usage, etc.

For example, consultant John sets an hourly rate of 100/hr. After an hour of service provided on the phone through his personal number he receives approximately 83 less cost of the toll free call if applicable. Currently it's about 0.07/min. for a USA toll free call that routes to a consultant home or mobile phone.

Diamondcard receives 17. The 83 is now in the consultants Diamondcard account to be used for phone calls or sent to the consultant by bank wire, Paypal, Goldmoney, Etc. If there are bad debts that result from a consultant client, from a previous credit card or Paypal deposit the amount is deducted from the consultant account plus a 25 administrative fee.

Technical support divisions can completely remove their accounting, accounts receivables, bad debts and related invoicing services by outsourcing this service to Diamondcard's TCPS service.

Calls won't pass through to the consultant unless there is enough credit to pay for each minute! If the client's balance is insufficient to pay the consultant hourly rate the call is disconnected. Service isn't provided unless money is in the bank so to speak.

Sign Up

Anyone with a current Diamondcard account can add this TCPS service to their account and start to make money by providing TSPS service. Resellers and PE's can resell this service to their own clients and add on a profit % to the minutes.


For more information contact us at one of the following numbers:

 +1-877-402-VOIP (+1-877-402-8647) - USA toll free
 +1-303-997-0900 - Colorado, USA
 +1-647-722-2117 - Toronto, Canada
 +33-176-641-289 - Paris, France
 +44-207-100-5767 - London, United Kingdom