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The call shop platform is web based and contains everything you need to manage and profit from your own call shops. You can even manage multiple call shops all over the world from one Diamondcard account! This is why we call it the global call shop platform. It will even tell you how much money you are making on a per call/day/month basis.

Download the Global Call Shop Users Manual in PDF format

Our latest release is the Diamondcard Enterprise Call Shop Platform. We call it "Enterprise" because it can manage 100+ call shops that can be located in multiple countries all over the world! The administration interface is browser based which allows you to be located anywhere. This is a hosted application on our worldwide redundant internet backbone. You don't need to spend money on expensive servers, gateways, data centers and full time developers. There is NO INSTALLATION required either! If you have an Internet connection, a SIP, IAX device or softphone, a web browser and a customer, you're in business!

Click here to view the Call Shop Users Manual in PDF format. Click here to view screen shots of the Call Shop. Images are in a ZIP file.

How it Works

The Diamondcard Enterprise Call Shop Platform handles multiple call shops through one centralized interface. Each call shop can have from 1 to more than 100+ "booths", with any mixture of softphones and hardphones. A booth is one phone. The system does on-the-fly call calculations at your own retail rates and instantly generates a printable invoice. It handles multiple cashier logins and end-of-day accounting and reconciliation by cashier, in any currency. Call shop billing for usage can be prepaid, postpaid or both with limits set by the administrator. Key Features

* Automatic rate table generation as a flat percentage markup on Diamondcard.us base wholesale rates. This makes it easy to create new rate plans in seconds rather than manually editing 650+ country destinations.
* Diamondcard.us provides termnation to all countries at rock bottom wholesale prices.
* Customer can prepay, postpay or both for each session.
* Instant printer friendly customer invoice generation upon customer cashier checkout.
* Cashier logins for unlimited cashiers.
* Cashier can only view and edit cashier functions. They cannot view administrator features.
* Cashier reconciliation and detailed history for audit trail accounting.
* Multiple shops with any number of booths per shop.
* Multiple currency support. Your call shops can be in multiple countries with each call shop having its own different currency.
* Multi-lingual interfaces (English, Spanish and more coming soon)
* Support. We provide email and phone support.

You can be in business as a call center effortlessly - literally in less than 30 minutes!

How to get started

1. Click Here to Buy the Call Shop Platform
2. Configure your shops, add your cashiers and set your rates.
3. Start making money.

Pricing Information

There are ways to get started with the Enterprise Call Shop Platform. The first way is using Diamondcard.us for call termination. The second way is to use your own provider for call termination with our call shop platform.

Click here to view termination rates.

PRICING - Using Diamondcard.us termination. 40 call deposit. 40 setup fee - Minimum.

There is no limitation on the number of booths you can have in your call shop.

Support - Free email and phone support.

PRICING - Using another termination provider. 40 license fee + 0.005/min.

You can use your own IAX or SIP termination provider rather than Diamondcard if you prefer. We can integrate your provider with our call shop platform. The fee is approximately 250 to setup each provider.

This includes integration with your call shops as well as a browser based import utility where you can import each subsequent wholesale price change you receive from your providers. This usually occurs monthly. This feature alone will save you days of manually editing your country destinations each time there is a price change from a termination provider.

Support - Free email and phone support.

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